Adolescent Medicine and Counseling

As children reach adolescence, there is a potential for an increase in health problems due to risky behavior and poor health habits. The healthcare providers at Family Care Clinic understand that many adolescents are not proactive about seeking advice about preventing disease and decreasing risks to their health, and we offer counseling about these subjects when you bring your child to our practice for their annual exam or other health checkup.

Your child’s healthcare provider is an important part of helping to prevent unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, unintentional injuries, depression, suicide, and other health issues. Our physicians, physician assistant, and the rest of the staff at our practice are dedicated to being a part of the community-wide effort to keep your adolescent safe and healthy. This community may also include family members, teachers, coaches, and other mentors who are a part of your adolescent child’s life.

While discussing and trying to encourage behavior change for the benefit of an individual’s health is challenging at any stage of life, adolescence is an especially challenging time. Children at this age are experiencing dramatic changes physically, cognitively, and emotionally. Adolescents also experience development at different rates, so having medical professionals as part of the community effort of keeping your child safe and healthy is important for having an expert understanding of what stage your child is at, and what their specific health risks and health needs are.

The entire clinical team at Family Care Clinic provides adolescent health counseling to help your adolescent child learn to make choices that best benefit their physical and mental health. We can also identify any behavior or habits that pose a risk to your child’s health, and counsel them about these behaviors and what positive changes they can make. Call us at 844-414-4773 to schedule an appointment for a physical or other healthcare service for your child.