Annual Physical Examinations

Valley Baptist Primary Care physicians provide annual physical examinations for patients to have their overall health checked each year. This examination is an important part of preventive care, as well as an opportunity for you to discuss any current issues or health concerns you may have with your physician or physician assistant. During your physical examination your healthcare provider will look at your:

Annual Physical Examinations

Adults who are not in good health should speak with their healthcare provider about the frequency at which they should receive physical exams. Other times at which adults should see their physician can include:

  • When you are sick.
  • When you have a symptom that could indicate illness.
  • To manage a chronic or ongoing condition.
  • To check on the effects of a new medicine.
  • To help with risk factors like smoking or obesity.
  • For prenatal care.
  • For lifestyle issues including family planning, STD prevention, and diet.
  • For other reasons based on your individual needs.

The frequency at which adults should have a physical exam varies for every patient, so it is important to speak to your doctor about the periodic health examination schedule that is best for you. Call Family Care Clinic at 844-414-4773 to speak with us about when you should receive your next physical and to schedule an appointment.

Periodic Health Maintenance

Physical examinations are a critical part of maintaining your overall health. To schedule an appointment for your annual exam, call Valley Baptist Physician Network at 1-844-414-4773.