Immunizations are an important part of keeping ourselves healthy, as well as keeping those around us healthy. The compassionate and attentive physicians, physician assistant, and staff at all Family Care Clinic locations are proud to provide vaccinations that protect your health. We can also make sure you stay in compliance with the shots required by your school or employer, or those that are required to travel to certain destinations.

For Children

From infancy through adolescence, there are many vaccinations that children need to stay healthy and to protect those around them. Not only does Family Care Clinic provide comprehensive care for the entire family, but we can make sure your child is up to date on all of the immunizations they need. Our healthcare providers are familiar with all of the childhood vaccines that your child needs to get a healthy start to their life!

Immunizations are one of the best ways to protect newborns, infants, children, and teens from harmful diseases that could be potentially harmful or fatal. Thanks to vaccines, many diseases that were once common in the United States are now at their lowest levels in several decades.

Because a child’s immune system is continually developing, vaccines work best when they are given in intervals at certain ages. Some vaccines also require multiple doses before complete immunization is achieved. Since vaccines should be administered on a particular schedule, seeing the same doctor for all of them helps to ensure that records are accurate and doses are not missed. However, if a recommended dose is missed for whatever reason, we can get your child caught up.

By bringing your child to our practice for their immunizations and all of their other healthcare needs, they can receive all of their medical care in one place that will be familiar with their health history and have up-to-date records on all of the vaccines that they have received. Since protection from childhood vaccines wears off over time, a child who receives their shots at the same medical practice that they continue to attend as they grow up helps to ensure that they receive the proper boosters as they move into adulthood.

From the youngest members of your family to the adults and seniors, our Family Care Clinic providers can ensure that everyone is up to date on their recommended vaccines. Call us at 844-414-4773 to schedule an appointment to update your child’s vaccines or to take care of any other healthcare needs that your family has.

For Young Adults

After the age of 18, young adults will require various different vaccines or boosters. If the patient is attending college and planning to live in communal housing, they may be required to show proof of specific immunizations before they are permitted to move into their dormitory or apartment. Annual flu vaccinations are also recommended.

For Adults

While not as many immunizations are needed for adults, there are still vaccines that are recommended at certain intervals. A yearly flu vaccine is recommended, as well as a tetanus booster every 10 years, and older adults may be advised to receive vaccinations against pneumococcal disease or shingles.

While guidelines exist for most children, young adults, and adults, everyone’s immunization needs will vary. Your healthcare provider at Family Care Clinic can work with you to determine your immunization needs, and provide you with vaccines as required. Call us at 844-414-4773 to schedule an exam where you can go over your immunization needs.