Newborn, Infant, and Well-Child Care

Family Care Clinic is a one-stop family medicine practice offering care to patients of all ages, including newborns, infants, and children through adolescence. Our caring and attentive family medical practice can provide compassionate childhood medicine so that your child can get the care they need for a healthy start to life!

While both pediatricians and family doctors can provide care for your child, there are advantages to taking them to a family medicine practice. If both you and your child are sick at the same time, both of you can receive treatment at the same office. The practice will also be completely familiar with your child’s medical history as they grow into an adolescent, a young adult, and an adult, and this familiarity can put the patient at ease and give them peace of mind that their care provider truly knows them and their health needs. Additionally, if the entire family goes to the same doctor, the practice will have in-depth knowledge of your family health history, which can aid in diagnosing and treating diseases and conditions.

If your child began their life with a pediatrician and you (or the child) have decided that they are ready to transition to a family medicine doctor, that’s great too! There are many reasons why parents and their children may be considering transitioning from pediatrician to family doctor. Your child may have reached an age where they feel they have “grown out of” the kid-friendly décor at their pediatrician’s office, they may have reached puberty and feel more comfortable seeing a physician who is more accustomed to adolescent and adult health concerns, or you may just feel that it is time to make the transition so that your child can begin building a familiarity with the doctor that the rest of your family sees. Whatever the reason, East Cooper Coastal Family Physicians looks forward to welcoming your child to our practice.

To schedule an appointment for your newborn, infant, or child, call Family Care Clinic at 844-414-4773. We welcome the opportunity to provide your entire family with comprehensive care.