Periodic Health Exam

At Family Care Clinic we provide periodic health exams, as well as screening for early detection of disease. These examinations are critical for identifying asymptomatic health conditions and treating them while they are still in their early stages and thus more likely to be curable or more manageable. The intervals at which these exams are recommended are based on the patient’s age, gender, health history, family history, and even employment status.

Periodic examinations may include blood tests to assess cholesterol levels and other lipids, cancer screenings, diabetes testing, eye exams, tuberculosis testing, and more. The type of diseases or conditions that patients are screened for will be based on the recommended age and frequency for these screenings, but may also be based on the patient’s employer’s requirements, such as eye exams for pilots or drivers or tuberculosis testing for healthcare workers.

A periodic health examination, or checkup, is an opportunity to have your overall health checked, ask questions about any concerns you may have, and be screened for disease or disease risk. Your healthcare provider may also identify any risk factors you have that could impact your future health, provide counseling on lifestyle changes you can make for better health outcomes, and update your vaccinations as needed.

While periodic examinations may not be needed annually for many healthy individuals, it is important to get them at the frequency at which your healthcare provider recommends. Different age groups have different needs and may also need vaccinations or vaccine boosters at specific ages, so you should consult with your doctor about when to have your periodic health exams and health screenings.

To find out whether you are due for a periodic health exam and to make an appointment for one when needed, call 844-414-4773. Our compassionate and attentive one-stop family medicine practice will provide you with the health examinations you need to make the most of your overall health.