Sports Physicals

One of the exciting things about being a kid is getting to participate in community and school sports. However, many local sports leagues and schools require that your child undergo a routine examination before they can play. Family Care Clinic is happy to provide sports physicals so that your child can get to playing on the field, court, racetrack, or in the pool!

Sometimes called a “pre-participation physical examination,” sports physicals are usually part of the registration process for playing sports. They may also be required before attending sleepaway camp or other programs that involve physical activity and being in close quarters with other children. A sports physical helps to ensure that your child is healthy and physically ready to participate in their chosen sport. This examination helps to minimize the risk of injury while your child plays their sport or attends their camp, as well as ensuring that both your child and their peers stay healthy while participating. During their examination, your child can even discuss with their healthcare provider the steps they should take while playing their sport to stay healthy and avoid injury.

Not only do sports physicals allow your child to meet the requirements to participate in their sport or other program, but they are also a great time for your child to have their annual physical and make sure they are up to date on their vaccinations. Our healthcare providers will conduct a full assessment of your child’s health, address any current health concerns, and provide any immunizations that are due.

If your child needs a sports physical or camp physical, our team at Family Care Clinic is here to help! Call us at 844-414-4773 to schedule an appointment. Be sure to bring any forms that need to be filled out by your child’s doctor or healthcare provider.